Creative Arts Collaboration on YouTube – #PawgustArt Event

YouTube Art Festival #PawgustArt

YouTube Art Festival #PawgustArt August 20-22, 2015.

I’m thrilled to be taking part in the second monthly themed event, #PawgustArt for Creative Arts Collaboration on YouTube! The event runs August 20 through August 22, 2015, although the videos created will remain available for as long as the creators keep them up on their channel.  ‬

My channel is Yva Lovée Arts and can be found here!

Creative Arts Collaboration is a worldwide group of artists and crafters that put out creative content on their YouTube channels. Each month we collaborate and publish videos surrounding a theme.  This month’s theme is Animals.  As a viewer, all you need to do to join in the fun is do a YouTube search for #PawgustArt! If you would like to narrow your search even further, just add a modifier hashtag to your search along with #PawgustArt. For example, if you would like to view paintings, you would search, “#PawgustArt #Paintings”.

Here is a list of modifiers you can use:


If you are a creator and would like to take part in these hashtag events, just visit our Facebook page to find out more details! Here is the link!

For my project, I did a speed painting of a Zebra! Here is the link to my video!


First, I found an image I wanted to use as a reference online, and drew it out in pencil on my gessoed gesso board. Then, I painted in the black lines with Golden Fluid Acrylic Paint – Carbon Black and an angle brush. After I masked the edges, and protected the white background with paper, I proceeded to splatter a rainbow of paint onto the canvas, making sure to heat dry the paint between color changes. Finally, I went back over the black stripes of the zebra again to add back the contrast that had been lost by the splattered paint. I cleaned up the edges with gesso, and Voila! I was done!  This was a fun project, and I hope you will check out the video, as well as search through the hundreds of submissions for this month’s event!

Zebra Painting by Yva Lovée Arts

Painting by Yva Lovée Arts

Painting by Yva Lovée Arts

Painting by Yva Lovée Arts

Painting by Yva Lovée Arts

Painting by Yva Lovée Arts


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