A Video Hop with the Dirty Baker’s Dozen!


I’m so excited to be participating in my very first Video Hop on YouTube! The Dirty Baker’s Dozen consists of 13 artists and crafters, including myself, that were brought together by the lovely Shannon Green! We have each produced an art video and provided links to each other’s videos in the description. Each video was kept to about 10 minutes, so it shouldn’t take too long for viewers to get through them all. Here is a link to my video where you can start the journey with a mono-printing technique that uses shaving cream (YES! Shaving Cream!) as the substrate. Each of us are doing different projects and even using different mediums, so you are sure to find something you like!

Here is the list of videos for your viewing pleasure! You can start with mine, and work your way through the list by simply clicking on the first link in each of our videos. When you get back to me, you know you’ve see everyone’s video! Easy peasy!

Yva Lovee Arts https://youtu.be/JnqHQSSq3_A

vicki ross https://youtu.be/rmmfFxjTOtM

Creatively Amy https://youtu.be/-UKgX53-0_w

Sheri Whitfield http://youtu.be/wK705Z1UBIM

Shannon Green https://youtu.be/hihgTLrdL9U

Mimi’s musings https://youtu.be/mK32fipo898

Hanny Tromp https://youtu.be/pAcD_N4lGWk

Linda Ann Smith https://youtu.be/FXxDzq1fC18

Mike Deakin Art https://youtu.be/AcJG1rNVtpY

Pink at Heart http://youtu.be/3ViOMiKZ6Ns

Juna Biagioni Art https://youtu.be/lh5I25hRQQQ

AuntBecscreations https://youtu.be/JJ9pszqtW8M

PackerDi https://youtu.be/Dqgv41hNU2I


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