Collaboration with Ayala Art

Collaboration with Ayala Art

I was so excited to do my first channel to channel collaboration on YouTube with Martha Ayala from Ayala Art. Martha is well known for her whimsical mixed media dolls and paintings of cute girls. She is also a huge fan of Frieda Kahlo’s art. I knew that I would have to venture out of my comfort zone and paint a face for this collaboration. I hadn’t painted a face since my senior year in High School 20 years ago! I was nervous to say the least!

Our collaboration began with each of us painting a background for the other to use as a starting point for their piece.  Then we mailed them to each other and completed the painting. We filmed each step of the process, and the video below includes all the links to the videos for you to view.

This was a great way for me to stretch my creative muscles and try something new. It was great practice in color mixing even though I stuck to a monochromatic blue for the face. I thought it was a good contrast to the colorful background that she had provided me. I thoroughly enjoyed the process, and I’m so grateful to Martha for participating in this collaboration with me!


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